Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Grade 4 Math Quiz-Measurement on Thursday

Students have been working on Measurement since the break. We will be having our end of unit quiz on Thursday. Students will need to know the following information:

  • convert units of measure (kilometer, meter, centimeter, millimeter) by moving the decimal and understanding the quantity of each measure. (Ex. 3cm = ? mm)
  • calculate the distance around a shape that is missing sides (solve for the missing sides first) and calculate the total perimeter.
  • find the area of a shape using square units OR a formula (A=L X W). Make sure to put the little 2 above the units to show that you measured area.
  • determine which unit of measurement would best suit measuring specific distances and/or objects.
  • solve problem-solving questions where students are given a specific perimeter or area and will need to draw and label different shapes to show the perimeter or area. 
  • All exit slips and practice questions have been marked and handed back to students so they can study. 

Related image
Practice questions:
1. Draw 3 shapes with an area of 12cm squared.
Image result for grid paper 1cm
2. Find the perimeter of the shape. Make sure you solve for the missing sides first.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Grade 6 Ski Trip-February 16th & 23rd

This morning we met with Mrs.Moorman's class and went over the rules and procedures for the grade 6 ski trip. 

Here are a few of the points we covered:
  • Students who are not going on the ski trip are still welcome at school. Please let us know your plans for your child not attending the ski trip so that we can make arrangements.
  • Bring cash if you are wanting to purchase food from the concession
  • Backpacks stay on the floor.
  • Students are allowed to bring technology for the bus, but are not to be on their device taking photos on the hill. Teachers will be taking pictures and posting at a later date. Please respect this rule as we have to protect individuals right to privacy and not everyone has permission to have their picture taken and shared.
  • Stay on the ski runs designated for your level.
  • Make sure you remember the number on your skis so that you put on the correct skis.
  • The bus will return by 6:30pm Friday.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Important Reminders for Next Week (February 5th-9th)

Museum of Canadian History Trip-Monday, February 5th
The whole school will be going to the museum with the exception of Kindergarten. Please ensure your child is prepared for the trip.

  • Students only need to bring a jacket and mittens/gloves
  • Students bring their lunch.
  • No school bags.
  • No technology.
  • Please review/discuss MUSEUM RULES with your child (we will be discussing these at school as well).

a) Stay with your assigned group while visiting scheduled areas.
b) Walking (no running).
c) Looking at artifacts or exhibits (no touching or taking).
d) Sit with your group to have lunch.
e) Be respectful (words and actions).
f) Clean up after lunch and the locker area before leaving.

Sweater Day-Tuesday, February 6th
 We will turn the temperature down in the school by two degrees, and have everyone bundle up!

Saints Projects due February 6th
Costumes, and all other materials required for the oral presentation on Thursday, February 8th are required to be at school on Tuesday, February 6th.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Grade 4 Procedural Writing Assignment-Presentations start Thursday, January 25th.

Since we returned from the break, we have been learning about how to write a procedural text in Language class. Last week students learned about the importance of breaking down a task into specific and detailed steps from the "Making a Cheese Sandwich" activity. We completed a shared writing activity and using Hapara, I shared a copy with each of the students. I added a few anchor charts at the bottom of our writing to support them during our independent writing activity.

Jello Procedural Writing
On Monday, January 15th, we made Jello as a special class activity. We had a lovely volunteer come in to help me make Jello with students in groups. We had them go through each step that needed to be completed as we made the Jello. Now students are doing their own writing! They can use pictures from home or do a google search to add to their slide deck presentation. I created a template with students and shared it with each of them. Some students have asked if they can write about something other then making Jello. I have asked that they check with me and take pictures at home to ensure that they can show each of the steps. If your child is choosing an alternative topic (with permission), please ensure they have the photos needed for each step of their directions in their Google Drive. I would recommend downloading the Google Drive app and having your child login
(username: first name.last name@ocsbstudent.ca) with their unique password and upload the photos from your device.

Attention Grade 6 Parents

**For students currently in Grade 6 with the OCSB there will be a parent information night on Thursday, April 5th @ 7:00 pm.  No registration required.

Other Information Shared from St.Peter's
St.Peter's will be holding a High School Parent Info night on Thursday, Feb. 22 2018 @ 7:00 for all parents who have students going into grades 9-12 in September 2018.  This session will cover High School Course requirements and course selection guidelines/processes.

For students new to the OCSB (currently attending public/French/private school) and would like to register at St. Peter in grades 7 or 8 for September 2018 - a parent information session will be held on Tuesday, February 27, 2018, @ 6:30.  Parents can complete registration forms in advance and drop them off that evening.  We are asking parents to sign-up via google form - link on St.Peter's website.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Important information for the Museum of Canadian History Trip 2018

The school trip is scheduled for Monday, February 5th. Our class is still looking for parent volunteers. If you are able to volunteer, please send a note with your child OR submit a message through my blog.

  • Students only need to bring a jacket and mittens/gloves.
  • Students bring their lunch.
  • No school bags.
  • No technology.

  • Please review/discuss MUSEUM RULES with your child (we will be discussing these at school as well).
a) Stay with your assigned group while visiting scheduled areas.
b) Walking (no running).
c) Looking at artefacts or exhibits (no touching or taking).
d) Sit with your group to have lunch.
e) Be respectful (words and actions).

f) Clean up after lunch and the locker area before leaving.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Grade 6 Math Quiz-Geometry on Friday, January 19th

Students have been working hard on our Geometry unit since before Christmas. We are having a quiz to review all of the information covered so far. I am looking for "understanding" of the big ideas in this quiz. The format will include definitions (either multiple choice or fill in the blank), short answer, multiple choice from EQAO, problem-solving questions where students will need to apply the big ideas to solve more complex problems.

Click here for the link to my Geometry Slide Deck from class.

Students will need to know:
  • definitions
    • angle-the amount of turn between the intersection and two rays (lines).
    • polygon-a 2D (flat) shape with 3 or more straight sides. All polygons are closed figures with no openings.
    • parallelogram-a 2D shape that has 2 pairs of parallel sides (Ex. square, rhombus, rectangle)
    • line of symmetry-describes a mirror image, when one half of a shape or picture matches the other half exactly. The middle line that divides the two halves is called the line of symmetry.
    • reflection-flip (think of line of symmetry)
    • transformation-slide (it requires a direction such as left, right, up, down OR North, West, South, East) 
    • rotate-turn (Ex. clockwise, counterclockwise, 90 degrees)
    • tessellation-means covering a surface with a pattern of 2D shapes with no gaps or spaces. 
  • benchmark angles (acute, obtuse, right, straight, and reflex).
  • problem-solve to figure angle/degrees within an angle or shape.
  • use the hands on a clock with a specific time to calculate angles and measure degrees (see class work in blue duotang).
  • using maniulatives such as a dry erase marker and transparency, rotate (turn) around a point, translate (slide), and reflect (flip) a 2D figure on a coordinate grid (following directions OR providing directions). Think about all our practice activities on the learning carpet.
  • label the X and Y axis on a coordinate grid along with points using (x,y).
I have encouraged students to bring their math workbook and notebooks home to study. We will continue to review what students need to know for the quiz on Friday. As always, if you have any questions or need me to clarify anything, please send me a submission through my blog or write in your child's agenda.